Vague abdominal pain

A middle aged woman presented with vague abdominal pain. No other significant features on history. An ultrasound was performed and the images of the upper abdomen (transverse) are shown. 610 P1Vimeo from Ultrasound Village on Vimeo. Describe the findings. There appears to be an abnormality of the aorta with either a dissection flap or mural […]

RIF pain in young woman

History: young woman with 3 hours of rapid onset pain (over minutes) in her right iliac fossa Describe the ultrasound findings. The right ovary is enlarged and heterogeneous. There is an area containing follicles, hyper echoic areas, an area with the dot-dash sign casino online and an area of dense shadowing (the “tip of the […]

Post cholecystectomy pain

History Right upper quadrant pain 3 weeks post cholecystectomy. [DDET Ultrasound findings and discussion] Ultrasound Findings There is choledocholithiaisis. A single, echogenic, shadow casting lesion is seen within the distal common bile duct (CBD), with associated proximal CBD dilation but no intrahepatic duct dilation. The gallbladder is absent in keeping with recent cholecystectomy, and the […]


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Ultrasound, post partum sepsis and pyometra

History This woman was 4 days post partum when she was transferred to our tertiary hospital Emergency Department from a smaller regional centre. She had developed a fever, tachycardia and hypotension on day 3 as well as some offensive PV loss. She had been treated aggressively with large volumes of IV fluids and broad spectrum […]